Thomas Heatherwick, the designer of last year’s  London Olympics cauldron, has released plans for a Thames Bridge, linking Temple to Southbank in central London. One of his first projects was the spectacular rolling bridge in Paddington Basin; this latest bridge will be a grand garden bridge for TfL to improve pedestrian access. The actress Joanna Lumley is a big supporter of the garden concept: “This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water. It will be the slowest way to cross the river, as people will dawdle and lean on parapets and stare at the great cityscapes all around; but it will also be a safe and swift way for the weary commuter to make his way back over the Thames. There will be grasses, trees, wild flowers, and plants, unique to London’s natural riverside habitat. And there will be blossom in the spring and even a Christmas tree in mid-winter.  I believe it will bring to Londoners and visitors alike peace and beauty and magic.”

Depending on funding, the bridge could open as early as 2016.

Check out this amazing woodcut print by Tugboat Printshop.You can see underneath the five different coloured blocks that were laid down to create the image. The main (key) image is created by being drawn onto plywood, drawn over in pen and then carved out using hand held chisels and knives. Then this image is transferred onto the other 4 blocks which are then carved out to create the other colours. It seems like such painstaking work but the result looks worth it!

We love these cute parent/toddler shoes by Finnish duo “Company” Just perfect for dancing around the house in to keep little ones entertained whilst keeping us fit!
Check out their website to see more of their practical/fun products.

We love these cute parent/toddler shoes by Finnish duo “Company” Just perfect for dancing around the house in to keep little ones entertained whilst keeping us fit!

Check out their website to see more of their practical/fun products.


If you’re heading to the east of England this weekend, look out for the National Trust’s latest advertising campaign encouraging visitors to have fun.

Designed by The Click Design Consultants and led by creative director Bobby Burrage, the campaign features a range of posters that look like warning signs or restrictions – such as “keep off the grass” and “reserved” notices – but invite people to play, sit, explore, take photographs and have some fun.

The signs also feature the hashtag #NaturesPlayground, encouraging people to share and comment on their visits to National Trust sites using social media.

“The new signs are a fun, tongue-in-cheek way to help people reconnect with nature and enjoy our outdoor spaces to the full. Some people still view us as being very formal with lots of rules and regulations. I would encourage those people to come along and see how we have changed over the years,” he says.

Royal Mail have just released a Football Heroes Stamps Set to celebrate 150 years of the English FA, and 140 years of the Scottish FA. We like philiattel, philata, er, stamp collecting (or the idea of it, anyway) and particularly enjoyed the way a single ‘dream team’ image has been carved up to create each square stamp. The image is by artist Andrew Kinsman and stamps designed by Manchester agency True North and shows:

Jimmy Greaves, England
John Charles, Wales
George Best, Northern Ireland
John Barnes, England
Kevin Keegan, England
Denis Law, Scotland
Bobby Moore, England
Bryan Robson, England
Dave Mackay, Scotland
Bobby Charlton, England

Seeing the image of Kevin Keegan with full ‘mop’ hairdo reminds us of some pen graffiti once observed scrawled on a school desk:

"Jesus saves, but Keegan scores on the rebound"…

The 100th RHS Chelsea flower show started this week in London, so we’ve been watching closely to get ideas for our own gardens, especially as it is bank holiday weekend and we fancy a bit of the outdoors!

The tulips are especially beautiful, we’re also liking the lovely bonsai tree and check out that amazing tree house from the NSPCC Garden of Magical Childhood! Splendid.

We are very envious of the people who have been able to go to this event!

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Pierced ceramic basket, by Guillaume Delvigne and Ionna Vautrin

(via Guillaume Delvigne)

How cool are these ceramic baskets! I wonder if you could do a similar thing with regular weaved baskets painted white?

(via hellobiba)

Something different: we spend a lot of time looking for ‘cool’ stuff here at Tidings & Things, so for a change we thought we’d share this fun post from Flavorwire on Bad Covers for Classics Books.

They have a, er, ‘good’ selection of 20 bad covers from different publishers, but the prize for worst design must go to the ‘Great Classic Series’ above, which seem to specialise in either literal yet stylistically totally inappropriate interpretations, or utterly unrelated and still stylistically totally inappropriate interpretations, of the original titles.

Fighter planes in the Wizard of Oz? Headphone-wearing cyborgs in Cranford? We must have missed them. We also particularly like the use of a screen font designed for use on early Apple Macs and iPods as the series title font. One man’s poison is another man’s pleasure, however, these may prove to be the classics of the future!

We like this new colourful online video for Lacoste’s 80 year anniversary and its iconic L.12.12. Polo shirt. The video is playful and shows off the shirt through the ages with icons such as the Rubik’s cube, psychedelia and computer game Pong.

Not really feeling the whole wallpaper thing – have you seen these new patterned paint rollers? Available in numerous different designs they allow much more creativity than wallpaper and can be used on anything, from walls to fabric, tables to gift wrap.

Just remember the surface needs to be flat, absolutely matt and rollered in an upright position. 

These lovely designs are from The Painted House.